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Digital marketing words define themselves: it is a method of marketing products and services online through the use of digital tools. We also refer to it as a methodology in which we use these tools to climb to the top of the web. It is not the same as interruption marketing or outbound marketing. We understand how to make online marketing work for you so that you can earn a higher interest rate (ROI).

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Search Engine Optimization (On Page)

We optimize your website’s pages for search engines. We double-check all of your text, meta tags, headlines, images, tags, and more additional to ensure that your on-page SEO is on point. We also conduct complicated On-Page SEO activities, such as the incorporation of Structured Data Markup for both Google and Facebook, as your SEO agency. As a outcome, your website will have immaculate On-Page SEO. That is what determines us as one of Delhi’s best SEO corporations.

Search Engine Optimization (Off Page)

Most SEO agencies in Delhi use ineffective SEO strategies that can ruin our website. Fortunately, we excel in off-page SEO. As one of the best-ranked SEO agencies in Delhi, you can be sure that working with us will be a game-changer for your business. We use White Hat SEO methods like quality link building, social network bookmarking, article submission, and more.

Social Media Management

With more than a third of the world’s population using social media, what other platform could be a useful place to market? MapMyWeb As a top Social Media Management Company in Delhi NCR, we use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to drive traffic and attention to your website. When you hire us as your social media marketing agency, we will not only assist you in reaching out to potential consumers quickly but in grabbing their awareness through engaging and viral social media postings.


Our Email marketing agency in Delhi/NCR is ready to put an end to your doubts concerning your company’s growth and progress. We deliver superior mail services at a reasonable cost and within the specified time frame. We acclimate to your company methods and comprehend them so that we can provide you with the best mail marketing services in Delhi. Through email services, we develop an imperishable relationship between your product and your potential audience. We don’t give your client accolades; instead, we try to build a strong connection with them via our services, which will produce outcomes further your most fantastic visions.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

MapMyWeb Marketing Agency is a well-known name in pay-per-click advertising. Our pay-per-click advertising company collaborates with a variety of industry players and marketing specialists to help them develop more leads, improve brand awareness, and acquire their objectives. Our pay-per-click marketing agency has discovered what PPC is, how it works for further stakeholders, and what it takes to achieve online success throughout the years. Our PPC management company will help you if you’re still wondering whether pay-per-click is the proper promotion model for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If your traffic isn’t turning into paying customers, sales, or clients, you’re wasting your time. Optimizing your conversion rate is an important aspect of digital marketing that we at MapMyWeb are well-versed in. Our CRO pricing is completely transparent, so you always know where your money is going and how it is helping your site generate revenue. You’ll need three things to accurately track the number of website visitors who convert into leads: a conversion optimization agency that knows what they’re doing; a properly setup and configured website analytics platform like Google Analytics; and a call tracking service with dynamic number replacement like that offered by MapMyWeb.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

As an agency, the most frequently asked question is what what is meant by “digital marketing.” Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, and other online advertising and marketing techniques are all included in digital marketing.

A company (like us!) that helps other businesses with their online marketing initiatives is known as a digital marketing agency. The client can be as involved with the agency as they wish. While we manage all digital initiatives for some of our clients, we merely offer consultation services and ideas to other clients. Our aim is to support internal marketing teams with specialised digital services and act as an extension of our clients’ teams.

Nowadays, having a website is not sufficient. Everyone is competing with the huge amounts of traffic and users online, making the internet one of the most competitive spaces. Even while it is crucial and the base for your online marketing presence, a website is only that—a foundation. To differentiate your company and give you the best chance of attracting a new visitor—who will hopefully become a client—promotion of your website through various digital marketing channels is crucial.

Digital marketing is the way to advertise your company’s name and the products or services you need to compete with local, national, and even international rivals for customers.

Business-to-Business is referred to as B2B. Businesses that sell goods or services to other companies are considered to be engaging in this form of marketing. As an illustration, at Blue Compass, we collaborate with other companies to create excellent digital marketing campaigns. Business-to-consumer, or B2C, refers to companies that offer their goods or services directly to consumers. While both B2B and B2C can benefit from all areas of digital marketing, the approaches will be different.

The answer is almost probably yes if your consumers and potential customers use digital devices or spend time online. If digital marketing is used effectively, both B2B and B2C organisations can gain advantages. More than ever, the market is currently dominated by digital platforms.

Digital marketing has so many advantages! Increasing the number of qualified users who visit your website is the fundamental aim of digital marketing. You may direct consumers through their online experience using a variety of digital marketing strategies, which will increase conversions for your company.

The effectiveness of each strategy individually and collectively is the beauty of digital marketing. In addition to supporting your traditional marketing, a strong digital marketing strategy will give your target audience consistent messaging.

Additionally, digital marketing has a variety of advantages over traditional marketing. Digital advertising is adaptable. In contrast to traditional marketing, where you are forced to stick with lengthy, rigid campaigns, digital marketing allows you to make modifications throughout a campaign.

Because you can set up tracking pixels, build out event tracking across your website, and establish trackable links using utm parameters, all of which explicitly link campaign success to particular campaigns, digital campaigns are also more simpler to track. By using these pixels, remarketing campaigns may be created that focus on visitors who have already visited your website and are based on the actions they made.

Consider your target and your priorities before beginning your digital marketing campaign. This will assist you in selecting the digital marketing strategies that are best for you. For instance, Instagram and Snapchat definitely don’t make sense for your business if you’re selling a service to people who are getting ready to retire, whereas LinkedIn and Facebook would be better suited for your target market.

The next step is to consider your company’s priorities. Your business objectives should be in line with the digital marketing strategies you select. Local SEO is for you if your main objective is to promote your nearby company. Consider UX testing if you’re more interested in learning why visitors are abandoning your website.

Go for it if you have the time and resources to employ several strategies at once. However, if you can only focus on a small number of strategies, we advise starting strong with those and gradually adding more to your marketing mix.

SEO: You should start with SEO if you want to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or attract more users to your website.

Content marketing is the greatest strategy to use if you want to grow an audience by disseminating useful information. Since content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, many organisations will choose a two-pronged strategy.

SEM: Do you wish to promote your business or its goods or services? Targeting user searches with SEM is a terrific method to put your business in front of them at the top of search result pages.

Social Media Strategy: You can use social media to deliver insightful material with your audience and foster connections with them. If your target audience uses social media, you should have a strategy created to connect with them there.

UX: Are you worried about the reasons visitors are leaving your website? Not sure why your form never receives a response? You can create a strategy for improving your online user experience by using UX testing to better understand user behaviour.

Research is an excellent strategy if you want to know what your audience thinks about a particular subject or your company. Create online questionnaires, then examine the results for statistical significance.

Let us know if you want to learn more, and we can certainly assist with all of this and more!

Absolutely! Enhancing website traffic and online sales with digital marketing will help you accomplish your overall business objectives. We advise using a number of strategies to achieve your ultimate aim of increasing online sales. These could include social media, advanced product schema, UX research, and conversion rate optimization. When creating a campaign for a client, we first learn about their company and their goals before recommending strategies to support them.

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