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We have all seen the craze for digital marketing increase over the past recent years and how it has become the most integral part of the business world. We have seen the need and its importance, and also felt it right in midst of the pandemic when everything was shut down and the digital world was only left to survive Business. While most of us have felt its impact, most people with no digital presence were who got impacted the most, they had to accept the importance of the Digital world. The only place today, that can make your business continuous, of course in some limits.

Facebook birthed the social presence, but it has revolutionized the business world by bringing customers closer to its products and service. We have seen how everyone who used it to get connected and socialize, is now involved so much that it affects their everyday lives. One post can change the audience’s mind. And that’s how digital marketing entered the media apps and a whole new era started, advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. From Helping people in need, and connecting to the right audience to political agendas, marketing is being used every step of the way. The company finds new ways of SEOs and marketing techniques and then invests in hoardings. Small business vendors now don’t need to go abroad to make international clients. It Is all a few clicks and a search engine away. Brands know how to influence people; people know which brand to support and don’t need to go on the road. It’s a new revolution for business brands to stay in the market today.

So, that is how we have seen how the business can be grown and or be completely ruined by some of the famous ways of doing it through social media content/ social. Every post, every word posted on social media speaks, what your brand wants to tell, sometimes people understand sometimes they miss understanding. But it’s how we market and make our business speak to its consumer to buy its services. Facebook is the top social media for digital marketing. But what’s new and interesting in the entry of WhatsApp, is that introduced its subsidiaryWhatsAppBusiness, with better features, especially for business. We have seen the shift of our order being confirmed not only by emails but through WhatsApp messages that connect to its service provider directly. How every day we receive new discount coupons and Advertisements via WhatsApp.WhatsApp is the most personal digital space for its consumer and with 2 billion users, every company finds it important and also necessary to connect and provide services via WhatsApp. Not only brands but small business owners and start-ups find it not only affordable but also an impacting and easy way to market their products to consumers.

Listing down some of the reasons why I think people have found a marketing home in WhatsApp:

  • A private and secure platform

·         Real-time customer service and support

·         A highly engaging digital channel

·         A personal and trusted channel

·         Used by different demographics

·         Unlocks valuable customer insight

If you haven’t looked into ways how you can make WhatsApp your marketing look. You might really be going on the wrong way of marketing. Stay up to date with tools and techniques that can change how your business can reach where you intend it to be. Brands are not made overnight, there are no shortcuts. You use your best talents and marketing loopholes to be in a race of the best.

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